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All our dogs are from a superior line of multi-generational Australian Labradoodles 


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Current Puppies/Litters

Ausm Bailey x Doodlelane My Boy Boden

We have one wonderful boy left from this great litter still available (we call him Hank). He is 6 months old, crate trained, and has some basic obedience training under his belt. He has a gentle disposition but is also playful when stimulated. He will mature to be a large standard, between 24-26 inches and 70-90 lbs. Contact us to learn more about this adorable guy!


Ausm Molly x Ausm Splinter

Bennett is the last puppy available from this litter and from Molly (Molly is retiring after this litter). Bennett is almost identical to his mother. He has her same sweet face and fabulous disposition. He would do well in an active family, or by himself in a quiter setting. Bennett is 6 months old, crate trained, and has some basic obedience training as well. Contact us today to make Bennett a part of your family!


Ausm Sansa x Doodlelane My Boy Boden

Update: Sansa's puppies are now 5 weeks old today (8-4-19) and are growing fast! They are eating solid food which gives a needed break for mama, and are starting to show their individual little personalities. We are already working on potty training with them in their litter box and they are getting the hang of it. We have just a couple more spots open in this litter of standards so don't wait!
Update: Sansa had 10 puppies on June 30th! It's a little early to tell, but it looks like we have a mix of reds, caramels, and creme puppies. There are 6 boys and 4 girls in this litter.

We are expecting creme and red puppies from these two beautiful standards in mid-July. Both parents have the sweetest dispositons that should produce great puppies suitable for therapy or service work. Contact us today to make your reservation!

Ausm Sansa

Height: 24 in
Weight: 50 lbs
Coat: Fleece
Color: Caramel Ice

My Boy Boden

Height: 24 in
Weight: 60 lbs
Coat: Fleece
Color: Red

Ausm Leia x Good Day Cash

Leia and Boden are expecting 6-8 puppies in early July. We are expecting blacks, chocolates, and possibly creme puppies from these two. These two gentle giants should produce some excellent puppies for therapy or service, or just a new furry family member! Reserve your puppy today!
Update: Leia had 6 beautiful puppies on 7/13/2019. She had 4 black boys, 1 chocolate boy, and 1 chocolate female.

These pictures are at 3 weeks old (8-4-19). Their eyes have opened but they can't see very well yet. Another week and they will, and they will be exploring their surroundings!
Good Day's Cash

Height: 24 in
Weight: 60 lbs
Coat: Fleece
Color: Red

Ausm Leia

Height: 24 in
Weight: 50 lbs
Coat: Wool
Color: Black

Ausm Boofoo x Austin Rex aka "Kabe"

Update: Boofoo had 6 puppies (4 girls, two boys) on July 3rd! She had a mix of red and caramel puppies. All of them except one red puppy has white markings on their head, feet and chest (referred to as Irish spotting). These puppies are adorable!
This is the first litter from these two gorgeous medium parents. We expect caramels, reds, and cremes in eary July from these two with a possibility of tuxedo markings from Kabe! This litter is filling fast, contact us soon to get your reservation for this litter.
Ausm Boofoo

Height: 17 in
Weight: 30 lbs
Coat: Fleece
Color: Apricot

Austin Rex

Height: 18 in
Weight: 35 lbs
Coat: Fleece
Color: Red

Upcoming Puppies/Litters

Stay tuned for our upcoming litter announcements!

You can now make payments for your reservation or total balance with PayPal!

Puppies are $3000 and include a two-year-health guarantee, vasectomy or ovary-sparing spay, current vaccinations, de-worming, 
heartworm and flea preventative, and a microchip. All puppies are temperament tested and always test suitably for either service, therapy or as great pets!  

Puppies can be reserved for a $500 deposit
The second installment of $1000 is due when your puppy is two weeks old. The third installment of $1000 is due when your puppy is six weeks old. The final payment of $500 is due when you pick up your puppy. 

Ausm Labradoodles reserves the right for first pick of any litter to retain for our own program. We also firmly believe in puppy matching the right puppy to the right family and do not allow customers to choose their puppy. We believe that this is a primary reason you never find Australian Labradoodles surrendered to Animal Shelters. Puppy Matching is a proven method to ensure you get the perfect puppy for your individual family!
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