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My husband and I began a search in the fall of 2004 for a service dog to assist my husband (C5-C6 quadriplegic, due to a motorcycle accident in 2001) in his daily activities. Being partial to Labrador Retrievers, I began to search for organizations that used Labs in their training programs. My husband, on the other hand, was interested in a non-shedding breed in order to minimize all the extra housework for me associated with a shedding dog (he’s such a sweetie!). 

I searched for a while in vain for the perfect dog, but then "Voila!" I found the answer to our dreams, the Australian Labradoodle! Because we were unable to find a service dog organization that trained Labradoodles exclusively, we knew our chances would be slim for Matt to be matched with a Labradoodle as there are no allergy problems in our family. 

Well, we decided to take matters into our own hands: Our first goal was to train our own service dog for Matt. Our vision is to develop a training organization for Labradoodle assistance dogs. Our mission is to produce a superior line of Labradoodles much like the founder of the breed, Wally Conran of Australia, with an extraordinary talent for assisting people with disabilities. 

The beginning of our first dream came true when we brought seven-week-old Down Under’s Scooby Doodle Doo home to live with us in May, 2005. Since then, Scooby has exceeded our wildest expectations! He developed into a wonderful service dog, a true testament to his breed. The only problems Matt has in public now is getting around without 20 people stopping and asking about Scooby! 

Scooby was the foundation to our breeding program.  He has now retired from breeding, but produced a wonderful daugher, Velma Doodle Doo (also retired), who is the mother of all our current breeding gals. We started our breeding program very slowly, because we wanted the absolute best foundation stock.

 We currently train the vast majority of our breeding stock for service work. Some of our dogs will work for Matt or for me (Peripheral and small fiber neuropathy due to late-stage Lyme disease, which causes severe pain and balance issues). Others are working dogs in guardian homes. 

We also have many pet puppies who are currently service or therapy dogs. Our vision to provide dogs to serve as assistance dogs for people with disabilities, in honor of Matt’s daily struggle with life as a quadriplegic, has finally come true!

Doodles on Duty

Ausm Scooby Doodle Doo

Scooby was the foundation of our breeding program. It is with great sorrow to announce that he passed away on November 19, 2017. Scooby was a working mobility assistance dog for my husband Matt. 

Ausm Jetta

Jetta is part of our breeding program. She is currently working as a PTSD service dog for my assistant manager who is attending college in Maryland. 

Ausm Khaleesi

Khaleesi is part of our breeding program. She is now a whopping 24 inches tall!  She is in training for mobility assistance.

 Ausm Reiselin | Ausm Lucy

Lucy lives in a guardian home with her full sister Rieslin (different litter, same parents Velma x Good Day Rufus). Lucy is a working PTSD dog and Rieslin is in training to also become a PTSD dog.  Lucy is one of our breeding girls and is 23 inches tall!

Ausm Bailey

Bailey is in training to be a seizure alert dog for a fourteen year old girl.  She has passed all of her health testing and is apart of our breeding program. Bailey lives in a guardian home.

Ausm Hank (Cream) & Charlie (Chocolate)

Ausm Hank (cream) and Ausm Charlie (chocolate)  are two brothers from the same mother (our Velma).  Hank is a working service dog for a thirteen year old girl. Charlie is in training to be Hank's back-up. Both are also certified therapy dogs!  They have their own Facebook page: You can check them and their family out by clicking  here!

Ausm Atticus

Ausm Atticus is an 8 month old puppy from Khaleesi's first litter.  He is a big, sweet, goofy gentle giant who is being trained to provide support to the youngest victims/witnesses of domestic violence/violent crime in New York City. 

Ausm Splinter

Ausm Splinter In My Foot is in training to become a service dog. Splinter is Molly's son and has her fabulous eye contact and eagerness to please and learn new things. He has passed all of his health testing and is apart of our breeding program.

Ausm Molly

Molly is one of our breeding gals. She is about 8 months old in the picture on the left. Her coat color has silvered to a beautiful café in the right picture taken at 18 months. Molly is in training for mobility assistance.

You can now make payments for your reservation or total balance with PayPal!

Puppies are $3000 and include a two-year-health guarantee, vasectomy or ovary-sparing spay, current vaccinations, de-worming, 
heartworm, and flea preventative, and a microchip. All puppies are temperament tested and always test suitably for either service, therapy or as great pets!  

Puppies can be reserved for a $500 deposit
The second installment of $1000 is due when your puppy is two weeks old. The third installment of $1000 is due when your puppy is six weeks old. The final payment of $500 is due when you pick up your puppy. 

Ausm Labradoodles reserves the right to first picks of any litter to retain for our own program. We also firmly believe in puppy matching the right puppy to the right family and do not allow customers to choose their puppy. We believe that this is a primary reason you never find Australian Labradoodles surrendered to Animal Shelters. Puppy Matching is a proven method to ensure you get the perfect puppy for your individual family!
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