Puppy Application Form
Congratulations and thank you for choosing Ausm Labradoodles!

Having been a breeder and trainer for many years, we know that TEMPERAMENT is the MOST important trait for your new family member. Color, sex, and coat type are just the icing on the cake!

At Ausm Labradoodles, we match a specific puppy to your family based on their individual personalities and yours. We want our puppies to remain in your home furr-ever! We believe that Puppy Matching is the key to you gaining a new family member, rather than you just owning a dog. We will NOT match puppies based on photographs. 

Puppy Matching is a proven method used by most ethical, professional breeders that not only prevents dogs from ending up in shelters, it is also proven to bring you a lifetime of joy. It has been said that, “ You can own the most beautiful dog in the world, but if it is not the right match for you, it is just a dog. A dog that often brings you frustration and even grief. However, a dog that is properly matched to your family is not just a dog, it is your beloved 'child’ even if it happens to be the 'ugliest dog in the world’!” Note: we think all of our dogs are exceptionally gorgeous!

Puppies start to develop their own little personalities at around four to five weeks of age. We watch them very closely as they age, keeping in mind each family's personalities, needs, and desires. By seven weeks, they will each be distinctive from each other, and temperament tests on each puppy will be performed towards the end of their seventh week or beginning of their eighth week.

This test is performed by a stranger to the puppies, and in an unfamiliar environment. These stressors show how a puppy will react in unfamiliar settings. Tests include a puppy's interest towards a stranger, new toys, sights, noises, etc. and further tells us which puppy is best suited for each family.

Puppy Matching will be determined after temperament tests are complete and your puppy will come to your home at around 9 weeks of age.

If you would like an Ausm Labradoodle puppy that is perfectly matched to you, please complete the following application. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers! Your application will be thoroughly reviewed and we will contact you prior to approval in order to gain any additional information needed to match you with the most “Ausm” puppy EVER!  Please expect at much as one week before you  receive a response from us; however, do not be anxious! We will respond! Your desire for an Ausm Labradoodle and application are EXTREMELY important to us, but sometimes we are VERY busy! We believe our most important job is to spend time with your future puppy in order to best match it to you! We also receive many applications and process them in the order they are received. It matters not if you are first on our reservation list or last. Your puppy is specifically matched to YOU!

Do you plan to pick up your puppy at our home or do you plan to fly to one of our closest airports (RDU - Raleigh-Durham International Airport or GSO - Piedmont-Triad International Airport) and have us meet you there to fly your puppy home (note: a small delivery fee will be incurred)?
If delivery, which airport?
How many people are in your immediate family?
Is there anyone in your family with special needs or disabilities? If so, please describe:
Do you plan for this puppy to assist a person in your family with special needs as a working service dog? If so, what do you hope this puppy will able to do for this person?
Does anyone in your family have allergies to dogs? If so, please describe allergic reaction, how long it takes to occur, severity of reaction, which breeds they have shown an allergic reaction and to which breeds they have NOT shown an allergic reaction?
Do you plan to use this puppy as a therapy dog one day to visit schools, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.?
Is your family sedentary, somewhat active, or active? Please describe your family's lifestyle in more detail:
Please describe your work schedule(s): Do you work outside the home? How many hours per day are you away from home? Do you work from home? Retired? Etc.
How long will your puppy be left alone on a typical day?
If your puppy will be alone for more than four hours on a typical day, what are your plans for your puppy while you are away?
Do you currently own a dog? If so, what breed and how old?
Please describe your dog's personality:
Do you have other animals? If so, please describe:
If you do not currently have a dog, have you ever owned a dog? If so, what breed(s)?
How long ago did you own your dog(s)?
Have you ever raised a puppy?
Do you plan on training this puppy yourself? If so, describe what training experience you have, and/or what methods you plan to use to train your puppy yourself:
Do you plan on getting outside help for training your new puppy? If so, what type of help, and have you already arranged for training (some trainers are booked many months in advance)?
Do you have a fenced-in yard?
Do you live in a House |Apartment | Condo | Townhouse?
What setting do you live in Urban? | Suburban? | Rural?
Although temperament is most important to us at Ausm Labradoodles, what is important to YOU? Please rank the following by number in order of importance to you: Temperament, allergy-friendly, non-shedding, color, sex, coat type, size.
Why have you chosen an Australian Labradoodle to join your family?
Why do you hope to get a puppy from Ausm Labradoodles?
Please describe yourself/your personality:
If you have a spouse or adult partner, please describe their personality:
If you have children, please give age(s) and describe each one's personality:
If there are other adults in your household, please describe them as well:
Do you have other specific aspirations for your Ausm Labradoodle (for example: agility competition, rally obedience, hunting, “couch potato", etc.)
What happened to your previous dog(s)?
Did you train your current or previous dog(s) yourself, or did you use a trainer? Please describe in more detail if/what your dog was trained to do?
Please describe in what ways you are/were pleased with your current or previous dog(s) behavior/personality/training and in what ways you are/were displeased?
Do you currently have a veternarian? If so, please provide their name and number as a reference. If not, make sure you research and acquire a good veterinarian in your area.
Now, if you could have everything you ever wanted on your wish list, please describe what you would like in your Ausm Labradoodle: Temperament? Color(s)? Sex? Coat type (examples: allergy-friendly, non-shedding, fleece, wool, very curly, loose curls, wavy, straight)? Size (height and weight)
Are you interested in a puppy from a specific set of parents? If so, which one)s?
If any of the above desires) other than temperament) are important to you, please tell us here:
Are there any criteria that you are NOT willing to change (for example, color)? If so,are you willing to wait and get a puppy from a future litter that will both match to your family and meet your criteria?
Please tell us anything else that might help us choose the perfect puppy for you:
In order to best serve our future customers, how did you find out about us? ● Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA) ● Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA) ● Internet Search (What key word search did you use?) ● Facebook ● Instagram ● Referral
What is your age group? ● 20 or younger ● 21-30 ● 31-40 ● 41-50 ● 51-60 ● 61-70 ● 71-80+
What type of career(s) have you chosen:
Do you plan for Ausm Labadoodles to deliver your puppy to your closest airport (note: airfare plus delivery fees will be incurred)?
By submitting this application, you understand that your application must be approved by Ausm Labradoodles before you are asked to submit a non-refundable reservation/consultation fee. Upon receipt of your fee, your name will then be placed on our reservation list. Additional payment installments will be due when your puppy is two weeks old, six weeks old and finally at nine weeks old when you receive your puppy. You further understand that Ausm Labradoodles will choose your puppy for you via Puppy Matching. Ausm Labradoodles reserves the right to refuse applications or reservations at any time and will return all payments if Ausm Labradoodles terminates a reservation.